Group exhibition: One Place After Another

An iteration of my Garden State installation will be included in One Place After Another, ArtSpace, 5 Green’s Road, Cambridge, CB4 3EF, from 21 October 21st to 30 October, 2016. 

"At the beginning of the twenty-first century in the face of the mass movement of people escaping conflict and environmental catastrophe across the world One Place After Another explores contemporary nomadic experience.

Deploying visual art as a form that can transcend borders the exhibition is a response to Cambridge's Festival of Ideas' 2016 theme of Movement. How free is movement in the modern world? For One Place After Another local and international, near and far, here and elsewhere are collapsed in works that reposition immigration and foreignness at the heart of twenty-first century human experience." One Place After Another 

Artists: Jan Ayton, Lucie Harris, Susie Johnson, Olga Jurgenson, Idit Elia Nathan, Corinne Silva, Ali Smith, Helen Stratford & Lawrence Bradby, and Sarah Wood.