Books & catalogues 

2016  Garden State ISBN 9781872771588 (monograph) 

2014  European Chronicles: Visual Explorations in an Undiscovered Continent,  Ffotogallery

2014  My Sister Who Travels, The Mosaic Rooms, London

2011   Ways of Looking: Evidence ISBN 0-906361-22-2

2011   Flash Forward: Emerging Photographers 2011 ISBN 9781926856032

2010  Flash Forward: Emerging Photographers 2010 ISBN 9781926856025

2010  Land: Country Life in the Urban Age, Noorderlicht Photofestival ISBN 9789076703435

2009 The Pursuit of Happiness, Noorderlicht Photofestival ISBN 978-90-76703-40-4

2009 Wandering Abroad ISBN 9780901981837 

2006  Róisín Bán with essay by Brendan McGowan and foreword by Dermot Bolger  ISBN 0955252903 (monograph)

Selected reviews, essays & features

2019 Martina Caruso, ‘Conversing with Ghosts of the Previously Tamed’ ESPACE art actuel, no. 121 (Winter 2019) 

2019 Financial Times Weekend Magazine photography special: NATURE, featuring Garden State with an essay by Shela Sheikh

2019 Lines in the Landscape, Corinne Silva and Val Williams, Landscape Now, Issue 10, Autumn 2018, British Art Studies

2018 Photography Reframed: New Visions in Contemporary Photographic Culture. Editors: Ben Burbridge, Annebella Pollen, Landscape Photography's 'New Humanism'Chad Elias ISBN 9781784538828, I.B. Tauris

2016 Book review: Corinne Silva: Garden State, by Francesca Laura Cavallo, Camera Austria, Issue 135

2016 Book review: Garden State by Corinne Silva, Hans Durrer, F-Stop Magazine

2015  Nature's Image, Corinne Silva, Garden State, Ffotogallery, by Eugenie Shinkle, Source photographic review, Source 82 - Spring 2015

2015  A window onto Israeli settlers’ gardens, Amelia Smith, The Middle East Monitor

2015 Stamping a new identity on Palestine’s landscape, Sarah Irving, The Electronic Intifada 

2014   Aesthetica magazine, Issue 60, August / September 2014

2013   Zoom magazine, Winter 2013, #109 International Edition, Landscape Special Issue

2012   Spaces of Global Capital: On the Photography of Corinne Silva & Jason Larkin, TJ Demos, Photoworks 19, ISBN 9781903796368

2012   Visible Economies: Photography, Economic Conditions, Urban Experiences, Eugenie Shinkle“Visible Economies, Invisible Topographies” ISBN 9781903796481

2013  Landscape Photography's 'New Humanism', Chad Elias , Either/And, National Media Museum

2012  Reflections on Corinne Silva's Wandering Abroad,Lauren Rotenberg, New Media Gallery

2012  Corinne Silva in-conversation with Edwin Coomisaru and Charley Lintern, New Media Gallery

2012  Corinne Silva: The Uncompromising Image,Tom Snow, New Media Gallery

2009 Quiet Flows the Aire, Nigel Walsh, Wandering Abroad catalogue