Symposium: Artists in the Field - Ephemeral Landscapes and Experimental Geographies

Parasol Unit, Saturday 16 January,  2 - 5 pm,  £8/6(conc.) Booking required

With itinerant artist network *TSOEG including Ignacio Acosta, Luce Choules, Andrew Ranville, Corinne Silva, and Emma Smith, and keynote speaker Dr Harriet Hawkins, Royal Holloway University of London. 

This symposium will consider the wider role of fieldwork in contemporary arts practice, including themes of exploration in Julian Charriere's work. A panel of artists will share insights into their research, personal fieldwork methodologies, and artist-led expeditions. A discussion will be opened up to examine artistic practice in the landscape, reflecting on the ways artists are redefining the geographic narratives of place, site and encounter.

*TSOEG - Temporal School of Experimental Geography is an itinerant network of artists sharing ideas and responses to landscape through fieldwork. The aim of TSOEG is to bring together artists working across a range of disciplines and geographic environments, to discuss fieldwork as methodology, parallel activity, art form, and research.